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Inspiration for a culinary tour of China

We all know that we don’t need to have a good excuse to jump on an airplane and travel to some fascinating destinations.

I featured Shanghai’s shengjianbao in my list of top weekend break inspirations, it seems like a good idea to see what other foods could tempt you to take the trip to China!

great wall of china

You’re probably familiar with Cantonese food when they think of Chinese cuisine. But there’s plenty more to this huge nation that this. So here’s a look at some of the fascinating foods from China to give you plenty of inspiration to book your airplane tickets!


peking duck

Beijing offers some truly delicious meals that show that the northern capital should be top of the list for your Chinese culinary tour.

And the Da Dong restaurant gives us all a great chance to enjoy the city’s famous duck speciality that is served with a mouth-watering crispiness and can give you plenty of fuel for seeing the nearby sights of the Forbidden City!

Hong Kong


Obviously I must include Hong Kong in our list of food options, and Fook Lam Moon has earned a great reputation for its upmarket take on Cantonese classics.

With everything from soy sauce chicken to dim sum and stuffed crab shells giving us plenty of mouth-watering options, this glamorous food outlet shows that there’s more to this city than just the dazzling skyscrapers!

hong kong

Heading to Hong Kong also gives us a chance to see how this cosmopolitan city serves up treats like Hainanese chicken rice that are from the nearby island of Hainan.

Whilst this dish might taste a little different from what you might find if you order a Chinese takeaway, it would certainly be no less delicious and could give you a real taste of home as you look across at the endlessly impressive Kowloon Bay.


temple chengdu

And of course, I couldn’t miss some Sichuan cuisine off the list.

This inland area of China has become famous amongst foodies for using ingredients like garlic, peanuts, chilies, and those famous Sichuan peppers to create some incredible dishes.

This is why a visit to Chengdu is a must for anybody who loves Sichuan dishes like the famous regional hot pot and the incredible Mapo Tofu that’s become a real hit amongst some of the more adventurous food bloggers.

mala hotpot

So whether you are trying out the interesting tastes of Beijing, or are keeping it simple with some Chinese food delivery at home in Singapore, there is certainly plenty of inspiration out there!

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