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How to vlog on the cheap - YQtravelling

How to vlog on the cheap

I’ve been dabbling with vlogging for a short while. I started vlogging because I thought that some of my personality would shine through better through moving pictures and my voice. (Has it?)

I didn’t buy any fancy equipment or software to begin vlogging. All I have were (are):

  1. A smartphone with front facing video camera
  2. A selfie stick
  3. YouTube free editing capabilities
  4. Really thick skinyq-vlogs BUDGET

I usually have a topic in mind before I vlog then I improvise while recording. It takes about three takes before I have something suitable to upload.

You won’t even need video editing software. I’ve edited all my videos on YouTube.

youtube editor

If you are using YouTube for editing, try to make as few mistakes as possible so you need minimum editing.

I usually create a cover art (the one that shows up when the video is paused) using canva.com. If there’s no cover art, the display image maybe one where you look the most awkward (and it usually does).

youtube cover

Give vlogging a try

If you’ve always wanted to give vlogging a try, use whatever you already have and start experimenting.

Maybe you’ll discover that you hate vlogging so it’s good that you didn’t buy any white elephant equipment.

Maybe you’ll discover that you love vlogging so you can consider buying higher-end equipment as you go along.

Win-win, isn’t it?

Here’s my Youtube channel. Please support by subscribing to it.

More about Liau Yun Qing

Yun Qing is a writer, improviser and curious person. She loves finding little adventures in life. In 2013, she went on a 130-day round-the-world trip. She wrote a book to help those who also want to go on a career break.

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