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How to peel a mango

My mom was peeling mangos one day and I thought it would make a good blog post since it’s one of the best tropical fruits around.

Wikipedia told me that the “hedgehog” style is a common way to eat mangoes. But I can assure you, none of the people I know actually eat it that way. (Trust us, we have mango trees in our yards.)

I’m going to teach you another way of peeling a mango. Using this method, you are able to eat two different parts of the mango: the juicy flesh and the fibrous flesh around the stone.

You will need:

    Ripe mangoes
    A knife
    A spoon
    Bowl for peeled mango

Step 1: Pick ripe mangos

When choosing mangoes, it’s best to pick those that are soft to squeeze because that means it’s ripe. Hard ones maybe unripe and will taste sour and hard.

Ripe mangos

Step 2: Cut the top and bottom part off

With your knife, cut the top and bottom part of a horizontal mango–somewhere about the seed inside. It would take some guessing to get this part right but with practice (and lots of juicy mangoes) you will perfect the art and call yourself a real Fruit Ninja.

Shave off top

The results will look like this and can be scooped out using a spoon.

Top of mango

Step 3: Peel the sides

Once the top and bottom are cut off, peel the side. You can either violently rip it off or cut a slit and peel it away.

Peel the sides

The end result of this part of peeling will reward you with a mango stone with fibrous flesh and is best eaten using your barehands.

Peeled mango
That, my friends, is how you peel a mango–my way.
How do you like your mangoes? And don’t worry, this will still be my travel blog even if I’m writing a lot about food.

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