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#FoodFriday: Cooking instant noodles in a hostel - YQtravelling
cooking instant noodles

#FoodFriday: Cooking instant noodles in a hostel

Welcome to YQtravelling’s FoodFriday–the day of the week when I show off some of the lovely eats I had while travelling.

Today’s post is a special feature where I teach you how to cook instant noodles in a hostel. Let’s get cooking.

Last month, I showed you how to cook a steak in a hostel. Today, I want to show you how to cook instant noodles in a hostel.

OK, I caved in and ate instant noodles in my hostel in Arequipa, Peru. The result wasn’t that good but if you need to eat, you need to eat.

For this recipe, you will need

  • One instant noodle
  • One egg
  • Some vegetable
  • Pot with cover
  • Water

Ingredients for cooking insta noodles

Step 1: Boil some water in the pot

Step 1: Boil water in a pot

Get the water to a boil to cook the noodles.

Step 2: Cook the noodles

Cook the noodles

Cook the noodles.

I don’t time my cooking and wait for the noodles to disintegrate from brick of noodles.

Take the noodles out of the water

Take out the separated noodles and put them into a bowl.

Step 3: Make the soup with new pot of water

Pour out the noodle water and wash the pot.

Boil another pot of water but don’t use too much because you don’t want thin soup. While you wait for the water to boil, put the seasoning into the water.

I usually use part of the seasoning, pinching one corner of the packet so those seasoning do not fall into the soup. This results in disgustingly underseasoned noodles but that’s how I roll.

Put the seasoning into the water

Step 4: Cook the vegetable and egg

If you have more vegetable than water, cook your veggies in batch. Blanch your veggies until they turn a darker shade. Take the veggies out into the bowl.

When you have your last batch of veggies, you can crack the egg into the soup. Break up the egg if you want floating pieces of eggs or leave it untouched.

Spinach and egg in instant noodles

Step 5: Serve

When the egg is cooked to your preference, pour the soup into your bowl of noodles.

A complete bowl of instant noodles

Do you have any secret recipe for yummy instant noodles? Share them in the comments.

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Yun Qing is a writer, improviser and curious person. She loves finding little adventures in life. In 2013, she went on a 130-day round-the-world trip. She wrote a book to help those who also want to go on a career break.


    1. I never use another pot of water for the soup. Just dunk it into the bowL with seasonings with the noodLes (and eggs, and vegetabLes..), save water and save time ^^

      1. I heard urban legends that the noodles themselves are full of unnecessary additives (like the whole packet isn’t) so I toss out the first batch of water. But you’re right, it’s more time consuming. Definitely not 3 minute noodles. :)

        1. But ironicaLLy those unnecessary additives made it so deLicious ^__^a SpeciaLLy Indonesian instant noodLes – MSG overLoad!

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