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FoodFriday: Chocolate drink cubes from El Salvador - YQtravelling
El Salvador chocolate drink cubes

FoodFriday: Chocolate drink cubes from El Salvador

El Salvador chocolate drink cubes
El Salvador chocolate drink cubes

While in El Salvador’s supermarket looking for souvenirs, I found these interesting chocolate cubes (cylinder?). It was pretty cheap, about 50 cents each.

I bought four of them, imagining that I would have hot mugs of warm cocoa when I get back.

When I did make a batch at home, it turned out disgusting. I dissolved one cylinder in a mug of hot water. The liquid was pale brown like mud and smelled like burnt rubber.

I poured the cup away and tossed the rest.

Have you ever bought terrible food while abroad?

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    1. You didn’t make it right lol you don’t just pour hot water to make Salvadoran hot chocolate. That’s not how you make it at all.

        1. I failed to hit reply and posted a comment with instructions below. Blessings!

    1. Hello! My daughter was just in El Salvador a few months ago. The way to make the hot chocolate is to chop the disc of chocolate up into small pieces and then put them into a small pot (1-2 quarts/.95-1.8 litres) of water (or you may use milk for a more American/El Sal version). Add a small pinch of cinnamon. If you prefer sweeter chocolate, add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of sugar as these discs are a very dark chocolate! Cook on low, stirring until chocolate is dissolved and let simmer to preferred warmth. Stir to mix once more as it is pure cocoa and will try to separate, then enjoy! I hope you give these another chance done the proper way as they are SO GOOD! (My daughter brought them home and made them and now wishes she had bought a ton! 😄

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