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#FoodFri Cheap breakfast at McDonald's Singapore - YQtravelling
McDonald Sausage McMuffin $2.50

#FoodFri Cheap breakfast at McDonald’s Singapore

Singapore’s not the most budget friendly destination in Southeast Asia. But it’s one of the most popular transit points so it means that you, as a traveler, might need to spend a bit of time here.

If you want to save money in Singapore so that you can stretch your penny in Thailand/Vietnam/Laos, look no futher. I’ll be featuring a few cheap meals that can save you money while in Singapore.

For today, I recommend the S$2.50 breakfast set from McDonald’s.

McDonald Sausage McMuffin $2.50
McDonald Sausage McMuffin $2.50
The set includes a Sausage McMuffin without the egg and a coffee or tea. If you are eating in, there’s free refill at the corner where they put the sugar.

Whenever I have morning duty which requires me to reach the office around 8am, I usually buy the set. It’s quite filling. The coffee also gives quite a good jolt for the morning.

But beware that the set is only available on weekdays, until the end of breakfast hours which is 11am.

Stay tuned for #FoodFri next week where I feature another cheap breakfast in Singapore

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