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flower countries to visit

Top 5 countries every flower lover should visit

I have a special spot in my heart for flowers. I love how they would brighten up my desk or how the scented ones would send whiffs of perfume while I work.

Depending on the flower variety, flowers can evoke romance, mischief, elegance and care. They can even inspire wanderlust.

So if buying flowers in Singapore from a flower fruit basket delivery service isn’t enough to satisfy your floral fixation, perhaps going straight to the source may do the trick.

Flower lovers and travellers take note of these five countries you can visit for your #travelgoals and #floralfix.

The Netherlands

Once upon a time, tulips became the go-to flowers for those with timeless style and expensive taste. The Tulip mania during the Dutch Golden Age has gone down the annals of history after its popularity sent the price of a bulb skyrocketing.

Until now, they’re still among the most popular flowers for various occasions, including weddings and Valentine’s Day.

So any online florist worth their salt would have tulips in their inventory, Holland tulips most notably. To see tulips in their full glory, travel to the tulip fields in Holland to see millions of tulip bulbs bloom in spring.

Place of interest: Keukenhof in Lisse
Best time to visit: March-May



sakura in japan

Aside from your annual shopping spree with a side of purchase from the best florist in Hong Kong. This Asian destination also deserves an annual visit for sakura season!

Every spring, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Japan to witness the ephemeral Cherry Blossoms bloom.

During this brief window, the country gets covered in delicate blanket of pink and white.

Flower lovers everywhere likely has this on their bucket list, so start planning that trip or you’ll get lost in crowds of people!

Places of interest: Nagoya Castle for the full dramatic effect or Yanaka Cemetery  in Ueno, Tokyo for a less conventional yet less crowded viewing spot
Best time to visit: Late March to mid-April



lavendar france

It’s no secret that the French knows romance. Just imagining the French countryside can evoke luscious scenery and dreamy, romantic vibe.

Fields of purple and lilac blooms dotting the fields of Provence and the famous gardens that inspired Claude Monet’s paintings are guaranteed to ignite passion and the imagination of those lucky enough to behold those stunning blooms in jaw-dropping backdrops.

Places of interest: Monet’s Gardens at Giverny and the lavender fields in Provence
Best time to visit: Late June to August

New Zealand

lupin flower in new zealand

New Zealand isn’t one of the instinctive destinations when you think of flowers, but it certainly is a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts.

Naturally, the richness of the country’s natural surroundings mean springtime is a sight to behold.

Jasmine vine typically covers New Zealand’s countryside with delicate flowers and intoxicating fragrance, making it a heady experience.

Then there are the pastel-perfect and highly Instagrammable lupins making their month-long appearance for an eyegasmic experience. What’s more, cherry blossoms also bloom in this natural paradise, so don’t hesitate to visit this oft-overlooked floral destination.

Places of interest: Lupins at Lake Tekapo, Cherry Blossoms in Ashburton Domain and Gardens
Best time to visit: September-November


If you’re not quite ready to jet-set to distant places for your flower fix, there’s a stunning floral scene close to home.

In fact, some of the best florists in Singapore likely source their grade-A flowers from the flower farms and nurseries of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Feast your eyes to the different varieties of roses, geranium, carnations, chrysanthemum and fuschia, just to name a few. The best part is, you can buy cheap flowers at these nurseries or nearby markets to take home with you!

Place/s of interest: Cameron Highlands
Best time to visit: December to February, just avoid holidays and weekends to avoid crowds of tourists

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