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Glutton in Peru: Alpaca meat - YQtravelling
alpaca crepe

Glutton in Peru: Alpaca meat

Welcome to YQtravelling’s FoodFriday. The day of the week when I show off some of the lovely eats I had while travelling.

Today we’re feasting on fluffy alpacas. I promise they look less cute in meat form.

Have you seen alpacas? You’ve probably seen their photos since I featured many of them on my Facebook Page.  They are so cute and fuzzy wuzzy but kind of stinky. [While you’re there, please “Like” my Page. Mucho gracias.]

While in Peru, I had the chance to eat some alpacas.

Hey, I don’t see you complaining when you eat mutton so don’t complain about me eating something this adorable:

"I'm so cute. How could you eat me?!"
“I’m so cute. How could you eat me?!”

The first time I ate alpaca was at lunch. By the time I reached the restaurant, the Menu of the Day was over. So I ordered an alpaca steak ala carte.

The meat turned out to be too gamey to be enjoyable. Every piece of it tasted of beef from an uncastrated bull. Translation: Urgh.

Alpaca steak
Alpaca steak

The next alpaca I had was in a French creperie in Arequipa. I thought wrapping the meat in a thin sheet of dough would make it taste better.

Unfortunately, no. There was still the gamey taste but I swallowed every piece because I paid good money for it. Dang it!

Alpaca crepe
Alpaca crepe

If you are ever in Peru, I recommending sharing an alpaca steak with others before deciding if it’s to your taste.

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Have you ever eaten alpaca? How did you like it?

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