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Don’t date a girl who travels

[2017 update] It’s been four years since I posted Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels. I’m bringing it back from the archives for all you solo-travellin’ ladies out there.

To celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I bring you this post about why you should not date a girl who travels.

This post was inspired by Date A Girl Who Travels but is an antithesis of the original post.


This is a girl who travels, waving goodbye to her love life
This is a girl who travels, waving goodbye to her love life

Don’t date a girl who travels. Weekends and holidays are best spent on the road for her. If you want to stay at home with the Xbox, then this girl is not for you.

Don’t date a girl who travels. Long distance relationships are not easy. Not even with Skype and Whatsapp.

Don’t date a girl who travels. Her money will be spent on trips but hopefully she has some savings for her emergency fund.

Don’t date a girl who travels. Makeup might not be among her prized possessions so don’t expect her to come out looking like an airbrushed model. Oh, you like women without makeup?

Don’t date a girl who travels. She will be fiercely independent. She might want to settle down eventually but for now she wants to freedom to roam the earth.

Don’t date a girl who travels. The pseudo-motivational quote “Experience is the only thing worth paying for” was made up by people who don’t own a lot of things. (Read point 5 of this article.)

Don’t date a girl who travels. When you both are lost, she will either ask for directions herself or set off on her own to find the right path.

Don’t date a girl who travels. You’ll think her sense of adventure can get her into trouble overseas and doubt that her wits and common sense will keep herself safe.

Don’t date a girl who travels. Authentic food served in the town’s “ethnic” restaurant might not taste as good as the food she ate by the road side.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She will leave town the next day with one of you left with a broken heart.

Don’t date a girl who travels. Falling in love on the road is too easy. Jealousy will drive you mad.

Don’t date a girl who travels. You never know when her next stop will be. If you need to track her every single step, you will not be dating her any longer.

Don’t date a girl who travels. You might not win her heart by impressing her with geographical knowledge. There is no point in reciting to her the population or GDP of a country if she already had mingled with the locals.

Don’t date a girl who travels. Settle for a girl who wants stability in her life: a house, two cars and 2.5 children. It’s much easier to satisfy those needs.

When you do find a girl who travels, ask yourself if you are ready to let her spread her wings. Will you be able to wait for her to come back? Or are you willing to travel with her (if she agrees to)?


This post will brand me as Miss Forever Alone. Yeah, I don’t get a lot of dates.

I don’t remember when I read the original Date A Girl Who Travels by Aleah Phils. It might have been on Facebook or shared by a friend. I think I commented that I need to find a guy who appreciates a girl who travels.

I’m sure there’s one out there who’s not already taken by other lady travelers. Until we meet.

Would you date a girl who travels?


2017 post-script

This post was published on 13 February 2013. So many has happened since I published the post. Travel is no longer my first love. Improv is.

But there’s still so much travel tips I have inside me I want to share, especially for those planning to quit their job to fulfil their travel dreams (not permanently).

That’s why I’m creating a new site for people just like me four years ago–solo, introvert women who want to take a career break to travel. It’s mainly about how to plan for that long-term trip.

I’d love you to sign up for updates about the new site. Please click the button below.

More about Liau Yun Qing

Yun Qing is a writer, improviser and curious person. She loves finding little adventures in life. In 2013, she went on a 130-day round-the-world trip. She wrote a book to help those who also want to go on a career break.


    1. Love this post, especially the ones on asking directions, sampling food, and yeah, falling in love with fellow travelers on the road ;) Dare we hope we can find that someone who’s ready to let us spread our wings and wait for us to come back? Maybe he’s out there, maybe not. In the meantime, safe travels to all of us solo female travelers! #WeGoSolo

    1. hahah spot on especially on the part about roadside food and emergency funds. lol.. I think that just means that you’ve got to travel more and “the guy who travels” will appear. Good luck : )

      1. The elusive “you’ll find someone when you are not looking”. lol Happy V-day!

    1. I love this post. Solo travelers meet on the same road of independence! :D

    1. You should be in the travel industry
      I enjoy your enthusiasm in your travel log.

      1. :D Thanks for the comment Terry. I suspect that not being in the travel industry is what drives me to write more about it. haha

    1. interesting to read Aleah Phils writing and find your anti-thesis from her page too. There’s always a bridge to connect your opinions girls. I’m a traveller girl and am enjoying it but i do expect someday i’ll married a calm cool guys where i can put my head on her arms and warm me, having a house, kids and frequently we still do our family trips.

      thank you for your both writing. i love it.


    1. i think you can find that man you’re looking for, in a lost path, on a misplaced road, in a country you’ve known only on sight. and you’re readying yourself to go home and he’s only settling in. in a road side resto, in vietnam maybe? you dip your hand on a bowl of chopsticks, only to find another hand, you feel the urge of a conversation, a different accent on a similar language, and the feeling of excitement like reading your first traveling guide. but time is the shoes your wearing, a sole stroke slowly in the pavements of travel, and its wearing every seconds. only a moment of knowing, and the coming infinity of goodbye. your love is in the uncertainties, the misplaced person on a displaced land.

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