Finish that 2015 resolutions this week!

(This is technically the second blogpost in 2016 at YQtravelling but let’s consider it the first since yesterday’s post was supposed to be posted on December 31, 2015.)

Do you have a resoultion from 2015 that you can get done with fast? Quick! Do it now before 8 January 2016 so you’ll have one less worry for the year.

I decided to tick off my KonMari tidy resolution that I made in 2015. There’s still 5% to go through before I complete it. Good luck to me!

I’m still deciding what to really include in my 2016 goals and resolutions. What are yours? Please share with me so I can be inspired.

Update Jan 7: Operation KonMari room is going well. I need to find time for the office table. Oh! I finished my diving certification this week too. Wee!

Update Jan 25, 2016: I’m glad I finished my Konmari decluttering in early January. I moved rooms in my rented place and it only took me one night to get everything from one room to another.

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